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David French and Ruth Graham: Divided We Fall

Anne Snyder
Anne Snyder is the editor-in-chief of Comment magazine, a publication of Cardus, and the creator and host of Breaking Ground. From 2016 to 2019 she directed The Philanthropy Roundtable‘s Character Initiative, a program seeking to help foundations and business leaders re-envision the nature and shape of formative institutions needed for social and moral renewal in the United States. Her path-breaking guidebook, The Fabric of Character, was published in 2019. Anne is also a 2020 Emerson Fellow, a Trinity Forum Senior Fellow, and a Fellow at the Center for Opportunity Urbanism, a Houston-based think tank that explores how cities can drive opportunity for the bulk of their citizens. She has published widely, and currently lives in Washington, D.C.

“The continued unity of the United States of America cannot be guaranteed,” writes David French in the opening sentence of his new book, Divided We Fall. Josh Good of the Faith Angle Forum facilitates an astute, wide-ranging dialogue with David and NYT religion reporter Ruth Graham, on the Jan. 6th Capitol insurrection, religion, media distrust, and unresolved fissures in American life.