Towards a Theology of Race, Part 3

Stuart McAlpine
After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies at Cambridge University, Stuart spent several years in public education in England. Ordained in 1980, he and his wife Celia are retiring this month after forty years of pastoral ministry, thirty-three years of which have been spent at Christ Our Shepherd Church in Washington D.C. He will continue to serve as the International Director for ASK Network, a prayer movement in over thirty nations, and as a Senior Teaching Fellow for the C.S. Lewis Institute. His publications include: The Road Best Traveled; The Advent Overture: Meditations and Poems for the Christmas Season; and Just Asking: Restoring the Soul of Prayer. Here’s Hoping: Recovering Hope for Heaven and Earth is about to be published.

The third in a three-part series by Pastor Stuart McAlpine on the Theology of Race.