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Toward the Renewal of Humanistic Education in America

Toward the Renewal of Humanistic Education in America

The beating heart of Western education has always been those burning, fundamental questions that motivate deep, serious thinking. And if the universities won’t house the humanities, then perhaps the humanities will find more fertile soil to grow in outside the campus walls.

Words and Flesh: Pastoring in a Post-truth World
Taking It Outside
Snow Days and Slack
Relativism Is Out. Truth Is In.
Biden’s Augustinian Call for Concord
Building Our Commons

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Reviving Intellectual Hospitality
Making and Keeping Peace
One Nation, Sinful Under God
Building Trust Across the Political Divide
Forerunners: Sojourner Truth

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Expanding the Conversation

  • What might God be saying to us during this time of pandemic? We must be careful in how we answer that question, writes James Wood, but "this shock to the system could serve to make us even more aware of the purpose for which man was made."
  • Throughout the pandemic, the media's analyses of scientific studies have often misinterpreted or exaggerated what little information scientists have, writes physician Aaron Rothstein, which ought to serve as a cautionary tale in the future. "Blowing up flimsy data affects decisions about medical care and the public health response to the pandemic—not to mention our trust in the media itself."
  • "People will always be interested in conspiracy theories," Ross Douthat writes. "They need a toolkit for distinguishing among different fringe ideas."

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This is a project founded upon collaboration, as an expression of unity amidst plurality and respectful engagement in the context of diverse perspectives. We welcome additional partners and affiliates.

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