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Love is a Neural Highway
Recovering Democratic Politics
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The Fading of Forgiveness
A Black Woman at War
A Time to Break Down, and a Time to Build Up
Reconciliation Is Spiritual Formation
My Inequity, Your Inequity
O Virtue, Where Art Thou?

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Expanding the Conversation

  • "I can sense today in myself, and in many people around me, a powerful feeling of disillusionment . . . with the stories the country has grown used to telling about itself." Yet this isn't a sign of pessimism or despair, Jon Baskin writes, but rather a healthy recognition that "ideal theories" of politics often obscure the reality of things.
  • Partisan polarization is not necessarily problematic, Greg Weiner writes, if we engage in honorable partisanship. "If Americans truly disagree intensely about the most fundamental political goods, the constitutional system requires them to persuade one another before prevailing."
  • For some commentators, COVID-19 has thrown the future of the American city into question. But Michael Lewyn writes that walkable urban environments are essential for practicing Jews—and with some smarter policy choices, cities can be made more desirable for everyone.
  • As Christians consider the future of American evangelicalism, Corey Widmer writes of the enduring legacy of John Stott, who "modeled a robust evangelicalism that engaged deeply with the great public issues of his time, while maintaining a radical Christ-centeredness and commitment to the authority of Scripture."
  • As discomfiting as open politics can be, writes Taylor Dotson, we must resist the totalizing temptations of certitude if democracy is going to survive.
  • Conversation around free speech—what it is, what it isn't—is at a fever pitch. Over at Aeon, Nicholas McDowell digs out Milton's Areopagitica from 1644 to remind us that free speech is not a right enshrined in law, but the way "a person demonstrates their possession of moral virtue" in a virtuous society.

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