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On Good Parties

On Good Parties

“A Good Party challenges us to know people anew, to come to know them within a setting where friendship, rather than formal status, is paramount.”

The Turning Point
The Call to Own
How to Be White
What Is Freedom For?
A Hebrew in Pharaoh’s Court: Industrial Policy as Statecraft
Courage, Citizenship, and the Limits of Autonomy

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From Our Partners

My Inequity, Your Inequity
O Virtue, Where Art Thou?
On Forming a More Perfect Union
The Great Escape
Behind the Black Umbrellas
The Case for Meekness

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Expanding the Conversation

  • "We find ourselves rootless, rudderless, unmoored in a great sea of chaos. We have made of our world a nihil." Paul Kingsnorth reflects on Simone Weil and our participation in what he calls the Great Unsettling.

  • In the name of science, feckless Covid leadership has turned us against each other, argues Joseph Keegin.

  • With honesty and pastoral sensitivity, Duke Kwon and Greg Thompson give readers an opportunity to contemplate "the scope of American racial injustice and depth of devastation left in its wake" in their book on reparations. The result is not invulnerable to critique, writes Phillip Holmes, but the book should be treated with the same careful consideration that Kwon and Thompson displayed in its writing.
  • American faith is as fervent as ever, writes Shadi Hamid. But "what was once religious belief has now been channeled into political belief." Can America's creedal nature provide any hope for the future?
  • The Felician Sisters, many of whom are elderly, have been hit hard by COVID-19. The sorrow of the deaths themselves has been "dwarfed by the agony of not being able to make good on their long-held promise: No one dies alone."
  • In a moving compilation of testimonies and reflections, The New York Times asks, how will our lives be different on the other side of this historic pandemic?

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