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Beholding Ground

Beholding Ground

Editor-in-chief Anne Snyder shares her reflections at the close of this one-year publishing project. “My hope is that those tethered to God’s love might yet be moved to create spaces like this one, on and off the page, for honest reflection, dialogue, imagination, and especially grace.”

On the Schole of Faerie Tales
Breaking Ground
The Small Magazine Project
Democracy After God
Motherhood in an Individualistic Age
Love is a Neural Highway

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From Our Partners

The Book of the Creatures
The Abyss of Beauty
Character in Crisis
Labours of Love
Forging a People, Sustaining a Nation
The Fading of Forgiveness

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Expanding the Conversation

  • Partisan polarization is not necessarily problematic, Greg Weiner writes, if we engage in honorable partisanship. "If Americans truly disagree intensely about the most fundamental political goods, the constitutional system requires them to persuade one another before prevailing."
  • For some commentators, COVID-19 has thrown the future of the American city into question. But Michael Lewyn writes that walkable urban environments are essential for practicing Jews—and with some smarter policy choices, cities can be made more desirable for everyone.
  • As Christians consider the future of American evangelicalism, Corey Widmer writes of the enduring legacy of John Stott, who "modeled a robust evangelicalism that engaged deeply with the great public issues of his time, while maintaining a radical Christ-centeredness and commitment to the authority of Scripture."

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This is a project founded upon collaboration, as an expression of unity amidst plurality and respectful engagement in the context of diverse perspectives. We welcome additional partners and affiliates.

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