Keeping Hope Alive

Lewis Smedes
Smedes (1921-2002) was an ordained pastor in the CRCNA and served as a professor of theology and ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary for many years. He remains well known for several influential books on Christian ethics and practical theology, including Forgive and Forget, Mere Morality, and My God and I.

“Don’t give up hope. Keep hoping, keep hoping. . .” With these words, Smedes begins his sermon on a well-cherished theme for him – and many others: hope. Centered on a firm confidence in God’s sovereignty and providence, Smedes points us toward the surety of the resurrection and our eschatological hope and joy in the midst of the very real and painful trials and troubles of life in this world. “The redeemer is coming,” he proclaims, and in a surprisingly earthy way, will make all things right.

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