God is Speaking – But Are We Ready to Listen?

Bishop Robert Barron


Bishop Robert Barron, a Catholic prelate serving as an auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles, has been an ardent preacher of the “New Evangelization” and has promulgated the gospel through emerging forms of social media, primarily through his organization Word on Fire Ministries.  In the sermon below, Bishop Barron presents a powerful reading from Holy Scripture and contextualizes them for our own time.  He asserts that in the midst of a new year, when we still find ourselves in the throws of a Global Pandemic, increased secularism, and the bonds of society are being hard pressed by corruption; God is still with us, still speaks to His people, and is about His salvific work in the world today.  Though God’s voice may be difficult to discern, do we listen when He calls?

You may prayerfully read the scriptures at this link in preparation for viewing the sermon.